The Hiatus

I started this blog back a few years ago when I was going through a very rough transition in my life. Many new things were happening - new job, new apartment, new state, new hurdles - and I needed an outlet to share. Things quickly changed for me when I met this super awesome guy who was beyond anyone I would have ever seen myself with. That is when my world shifted and my hurdles changed once again. 

In the last year I have moved to a new town, I took a very big pay cut, I became a step mom by what almost seems overnight, I fell totally in love with this special guy and my outlook on life and what’s important has since shifted entirely. So far I’ve learned that life IS chaos completely and that embracing it is what makes it fun. 

I found it hard to write. Either because it felt like the time was never available to me or the desire was dead. I was learning how to take care of kids when I’ve only been a dog mom. I moved into a house that had been neglected for so long and needed some serious TLC. I started living paycheck to paycheck which made me self-conscious about who I was and my capabilities. I had adjusted to a mainly friendless life given that I live too far away from them all and my job schedule, at the time, made it impossible to maintain any sort of friendships. If I could describe the last 365 days of my life in one word I believe it would be something like “AAAAHHHH” or more formally - “pandemonium”. 

But I’m back! I have so much I want to share about everything - failed marriages, raising someone else’s kids, being so far from family and friends, trying to be everything for everyone including yourself - the list goes on. I’m literally running scared at this point in my life, but since I keep waking up every morning I might as well do something with all this crazy. :0) (Stay Tuned)