Father of the Year

When I first met Carlos I knew right from the beginning that his two boys were a very important and permanent part of his life. He always amazed me at how well he could care for them and they love him so much. I’ve picked up over the past year that, as a woman, caring for kids is almost built into us naturally, but for men I believe it takes extra effort to be a good father. 


Carlos went through a divorce which left him in the throws of a custody battle. People around him would tell him that he wasn’t going to win, the mother always wins and he would be stuck never seeing his kids and paying thousands in child support. It was a very long stressful and sometimes frightening experience for him, being faced with the chance that the two most important people in his life may be taken away from him.


Carlos is pretty much one of the best fathers I know. He knows how to cook, he cleans, he’s very smart, can fix or build pretty much anything, a hard worker and above anything else his family always comes first. I’m done bragging, ladies he’s not for sale. :)  So many fathers are not given the recognition they deserve and due to tradition the mother is automatically seen as the primary care giver. In some case this may be true but not all families are built this way. 


Despite what others would tell him, he fought for his kids. Through the tears, the stress, the frustration and the thousands in court fees he fought and he won! Not only did he win 50/50 custody but contingent on a circumstance or two in the next year he is looking at full custody of his kids. 


We both believe in doing the right thing and there were many times Carlos would have to bite the bullet and take the high road or just be patient and trust time. Times are changing and there are many fathers out there who want and deserve to be a part of their children’s lives. I am just so proud of Carlos for going through the hard battle which is such a small price to pay so he can be around his kids forever. #Blessed