House to Home - Pt. 3

We wanted to give up, even though that wasn’t remotely an option to us. We started doing research, watching YouTube videos and reading blogs to figure out what the best way to get rid of this backing was. I wish that I could offer a grand idea that we came across or discovered ourselves - but the truth is - there is no such easy way. Our only option was to scrape it up by hand. 



We bought a floor scraper and went to work. Between the two of us it took a total of 18 hours of scraping to get the backing off the floor. This was a very painful process, I went to bed the first night so exhausted and woke up the next morning in so much pain. Long story short it sucked, but we got it up. We were left with the glue residue and we had to rent a buffer from Home Depot and use a wood tool to scrape up the remaining glue. Again, this too was not a fun or easy process but definitely made a huge difference and of course didn’t take 18 hours to complete. 



Once we scraped up the remaining glue we had to sand the floors. Seeing the black gunk finagling disappear to reveal a beautiful fresh floor was the greatest feeling in the world! After finishing the main floors we had to hand sand underneath the baseboards for an all over even finish. 



I had to travel for a couple weeks for work, so while I was gone Carlos took on the job of staining the floors. They came out beautifully! I still can’t believe all the work and time it took just to do floors but it was so worth it. It’s a complete feeling to me when you have a vision and then your vision comes to life. We still have a lot more projects to do on the house, but for now we’re soaking up the fruits of our labor! :0)