"That Wasn't Enough" - It's All In Your Head

If you’re on a diet or trying to get that teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini body then you’ve probably heard of the handy little app called My Fitness Pal. This app and I have had a long going love hate relationship for quite a few years - yes years, don't judge me. But to be honest, it really is helpful and it does work. My difficulty with it is that I am forced to be honest about my eating choices and track everything. Like I really wanna see that extra 400 calories added on from that sweet treat I just had to have. The struggle is real people.

Because you are allotted so many calories a day, and working out increases that allotment, it becomes a fun game of self negotiation. If I eat this amount for breakfast, maybe I can have a little extra for lunch or maybe dinner won’t be so bad. Over the past couple weeks the app has also taught me about portion control. For example, I have been eating two eggs, two pieces of bacon and an entire avocado for breakfast, which is a very fine breakfast choice I think. But this morning I thought, what if I could save myself some calories. I ate one egg, one slice of bacon and a whole avocado….satisfaction was the same. I wasn’t hungry, of course I wasn’t stuffed either, but I was satisfied. I saved myself 110 calories for the day which could be used somewhere else or not at all. 

Let’s face it, we live in a society where more is more and our plates have to be full of food if you expect us to survive until the next meal - or maybe this is just me….because I like really love food! I’ve always said I hate diets and that I truly believe we all know deep down inside what is actually good for us to eat without having a plan to tell us. Portion control is just as important as what we are putting into our bodies. 

I think of it like our body is this shell, before gaining all the excess weight. This shell was fit and healthy and then it got full and started to spread out. We don’t need THAT much food to be satisfied. I can tell you, as a southern born foodie, I could find a reason to eat at any point of the day. I eat because I’m bored, because I’m watching a movie or show, because it’s great for social occasions, because I like really love food, because I’m stressed, because I just ate and the food was delicious….. 

::pause:: Have you ever eaten a big mac meal from McDonalds and then thought that you actually could have had two of those sandwiches?…..Is this just me?….. ok ::resume::

Here’s the deal, losing weight is just as much of a mental struggle as it is a struggle in general. Work to conquer the mind. Play with you meal amounts. When you’re done eating are you satisfied, not full, satisfied. Accept that some days you’re just going to have a little more but jump right back on track. Gobs of food is a society problem and it doesn’t have to be yours. Challenge yourself to see how much it really takes to keep you satisfied. These extra calories could also mean additional healthy snacks throughout the day that you weren’t able to fit in before. Even better, extra calories everyday could mean a nice big cookie on Friday - be positive.

It’s been a very rocky few weeks getting into the groove but I have 50 days left until Cape vacation and I’m really looking forward to a new bathing suit. ::Happy Eating!::


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash